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Making Life Sweeter One Cupcake At A Time Since 2008!!!

We are currently open with limited hours 

 Beyond the Batter Menu


We offer a wide variety of custom cakes. Pricing is based on a standard buttercream cake. An additional cost will be applied for basic buttercream designs.

For fondant decorations or special design please email for a quote. Please Note: we are no longer offering full fondant cakes.

8 inch - $50

10 inch - $60

12 inch - $70

Quarter Slab - $70

Half Slab - $90

Full Slab - $115

*Please note that as we approach our busy season for cakes, we currently require a

minimum of 2 weeks notice for all cake orders - subject to change based on availability. We thank you for your understanding!


Single - $3.00 plus tax

1/2 Dozen - $18 (no tax)

Dozen - $32 (no tax)

2 Dozen or more - $2.50 each (no tax)

Mini Cupcakes - $15 per Dozen (no tax)

Mini Cupcakes - 1 flavour per dozen

Regular Cupcakes - 2 flavours (Max) per dozen.

Mini Cupcakes are not available in store daily. They must be pre-ordered.

Gluten Free Or Vegan Cupcakes

Single $3.50 Plus Tax

1/2 Dozen $21 (no tax)

1 Dozen $39 (no tax)

Mini's $18 per Dozen

Gluten Free or Vegan cupcakes - 1 flavour per dozen

Gluten Free or Vegan Minis - 1 flavour per 2 dozen

* Please note: we require 24 hours notice Monday-Thursday and 48 hours notice Friday-Sunday

Cookies And Treats

Double Stacked Cookies - $3.50/each (+ tax)

Empire Cookies - $2.75/each (+ tax)

Sugar Cookies - $3.00/each (+ tax)

Single-Stacked Cookies - $2.00/each (+ tax)

Brownies- $3.50/ea (+tax)

Edible Cookie Dough $3.50/ea (+tax) 

Cinnamon Roll Squares $3.50/ea (+ tax)

Nanaimo Squares $3.50/ea (+ tax)

Butter Tart Squares $3.50/ea (+tax)

Butter Tarts $3.00/ea (+tax)

Chocolate Macaroons $3.00/ea (+tax)

Whoopie Pies $3.50/ea (+tax)

Sugar Cookie Squares $3.50/ea (+tax)

Lemon Brownie Squares $3.50/ea (+tax)

Cinnamon Buns $5.00/ea (+tax)

Nanaimo Squares $4.00/ea (+tax)

Frosted Cookies $3.00/ea (+tax)

Shortbread Cookies $1.75/ea (+tax)

*Please note: we require a minimum of 1 week notice for custom cookie orders, and orders require a minimum of 6.

Full sized cheesecakes

Available in 8 inch cakes $50.00


Cookies and Cream

Skor (no nuts)

Smartie Pants





Chocolate Swirl

Cinnamon Bun

Salted Caramel

Chocolate Chip

Vanilla Bean

Black Forest

Key Lime

Mint Chip

By order only with 48 hours notice minimum

Cheesecake Squares

$6.00/ea +tax

Available in the same flavours as the full sized cheesecakes.

Available daily in store, on a rotating basis.